Give a little.
Help a lot.

The GIVE Bag starts with one small gesture and inspires lasting generosity. Now, more than ever, the world is in need of kindness as we join together in the global fight against coronavirus. We can all do our part to show gratitude to healthcare workers, law enforcement, facilities and sanitation employees, and others whose essential jobs keep us safe in times of crisis. Help us #SpreadLoveNotCorona.

How it works

The concept of the GIVE Bag is simple: Fill, scan, give, repeat.

Let the GIVE Bag inspire you to give.

Fill it with thoughtful items for someone in need of help and scan the QR code so we can see how far kindness spreads.

Then, keep the chain of giving going.

Ask the recipient to refill the bag, scan the QR code, and pass it on to another person in need.

What to include

Not sure what to put in your GIVE Bag or who to give it to? Here are some ideas. Have fun and involve the kids! Just think of…

Where’s your #LOVETHEGIVE bag?

The key to the GIVE Bag is that it be given again and again. Scan the QR code to show us where you are paying it forward!

Start giving

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